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Pulaski Curio Cabinet

Pulaski curio cabinets  are considered by many to to be the most popular curio cabinet maker in the world today. 

Pulaski curio cabinets look great in any room and are great way to showcase your family photos, collectibles, trophies and other valued items.

The term curios are used to describe certain knick knacks and personal treasured items.  The intention with the Pulaski curios is to use this furniture to display your favorite items for your neighbors and friends to see.

 Pulaski curio cabinets are usually made from the finest materials.  The company is know for its quality and craftsmanship.

Pulaski furniture is one of the leading furniture importers in the United States. They truly emphasize the construction and style.   Their curios come in both stand up versions and a version called the wall curio cabinet.

Their company was founded in 1955 in Pulaski, Virginia. Obviously, their company was named after the place where they were first established. Currently, they are acknowledged as one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the United States.

Their original goal was to create the best dining room and bedroom furniture using the finest materials and offer them at prices everyone can afford. There is no doubt; their furniture business became a huge success.

In recent years and if you're going to discuss about curio cabinets, Pulaski curio cabinets are first thing that everyone can think of. Their brand were absolutely established after many years and created quite a demand for their products. They have achieved the winning formula with such simple original idea.

A cabinet must look as elegant and be durable.  Pulaski understands that and builds their curios with that in mind. If you are not satisfied with their product they are not happy. They proudly stand behind their products and provide excellent customer service.

As one of America's top furniture producers, Pulaski has a long and affluent tradition of designing and crafting fashionable furniture that can complement any home interior and decors.

Pulaski has been designing and building a broad selection of collector's cabinets, curios, accent pieces as well as famous Pulaski home furnishings for various lifestyle needs since 1955 in Pulaski, Virginia. They have envisioned that their customers will take great pride in owning Pulaski Furniture products in their homes since they can add beauty, enjoyment, and value to their lives.

Pulaski curio cabinets are made of matured hardwood that has aged with time beautifully. Every piece of wood is especially hand-picked, evaluated, and inspected for sturdiness and durability. Many pieces feature adjustable halogen lighting that allow a display setting which give your collectibles the spotlight they deserve.

Keepsakes Oxford is one of the top-selling curio cabinet offered by Pulaski Furniture.  This Pulaski curio cabinet is a simple yet elegant way to showcase all your collectibles and memorabilia. It usually has cherry chocolate finish that is an elegant hue to complement any room or display. One of the biggest selling points on this curio is the etched name plate; this feature simply let you add a personal touch that makes this curio distinctive.

Keepsakes Dorchester Curved End Curio is another great example of Pulaski curio cabinet that is quite popular today. Just like the name implies, this curio cabinets sides have a curved design making it look to be no bulky as other designs. It is made from durable hardwood and veneers and has a rich dark mahogany finish. It features glass front panel doors that can be locked and are adjustable.

Pulaski's state-of-the-art engineering is three times more accurate than any industry standard, guaranteeing Pulaski curios will always open and close with presicion. Their 17-step coating and furnishing techniques ensures the value and beauty of the wood to remain as durable and beautiful as the day it was crafted.

Pulaski curio cabinets are made of finest materials and secured to provide durability and elegance as well. There are a lot of choices you can choose from. All you need to do is browse online or visit your local furniture shop for the latest models.